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Fail safe brakes

B.Brake produces power-out safety brakes which use spring pressure to lock the shaft on which they are fitted and free it when the coil is supplied with direct or rectified current.

B.Brake brakes are built to the most stringent standards and comply with international accident-prevention regulations: they have two sets of spring which ensure safety or emergency braking action when the adjusting ring nut is loosened, when the power cable is cut and even when the friction material is excessively worn.

B.Brake s.r.l.
Via Lidice, 1
S. Giorgio di Piano (BO)
Tel +39 051861911 051861966
Fax +39 0516646622

Brakes: CC 1/9 CC 59 models
  • The brakes are manufactured and tested to VDE 0580 standard.
  • B. Brake ensures long life: at least one million manoevres before the magnetic gap needs resetting.
  • Each brake is factory set individually so that, when the fixing screws are tightened as far as they will go, the air gap H is automatically created (see schematic).
  • The brakes opening and closing delays at the nominal opeating voltage are listed in the table for each model.When operated on the alternating current side, the times increase considerably
  • The delays indicated in the table are for standard brakes powered at the nominal direct voltage. Alternating current operation is possible, but activation times are much longer.
  • The most common mounting for the brakes is directly in parallel with the motors; when the motors operate in alternating current, a rectifier bridge commonly known as a power supply is used.

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