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electrofusion devices for
electric drain fittings



RTA manufactures innovative welding devices, compact, light and easy to use, using the latest electronic technologies.
The hearth of the circuit is a microprocessor that follows the welding process during all phases, keeping it under continuous control.
Our devices weld electric fittings for polyethylene exhaust pipes from Ø 40 to Ø 160 millimeters.


Just push the "START" button: once to test the fitting preparation; a second time to start the welding process.


    The circuit insulates the fiting from the mains power before and after the welding process, and in case of accidental release of the connecting cables.


The machine interacts in real time with the user through an LCD display, guiding his actions, issuing a warning in case of anomalies and, if necessary, halting the welding cycle, constantly monitoring the main parameters of the welding process.


The electrofusion machine is calibrated on request for the specific brand of fittings that you are using, a guarantee of perfect results.


    Using a microprocessor and an optimized layout we have obtained a light and compact device.

  • microprocessor controlled
  • 16 characters x 2 lines alphanumeric display
  • interactive
  • reliable
  • palm-size
  • safe
  • max power 900 W
  • weight 1 Kg. approx.

Welding device for electric fittings


Are you a fittings manufacturer? RTA will manufacture for you a personalized series perfectly calibrated according to your product characteristics. The human interface is already available in Italian, English, French, German and any language can be added on request.

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