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  • We are specialised in manufacturing coolant pumps for Machine-Tools. They are designed to warrant an uninterrupted circulation of the emulsified cooling water even at high temperatures.
  • Our pumps have been designed in order to satisfy modern Machine-Tools needs, from the smallest to the biggest multiple Machine-Tools.
  • The delivery can guarantee the spurt penetration in the cutting section, improving the cooling-system efficiency.
  • The pumps cylinder block structure ensures a simple installation. The small number of components simplifies maintenance
  • Our coolant pumps offer an absolute working safety because they are protected against the introduction of foreign bodies.

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Example of performance (PMU 350L) EXAMPLE OF PERFORMANCE
Type Kw Q
PMU 40L PP0 Noril 0,09 40 3,3 2,3-2,7
PMU 60L PP0 Noril 0,13 60 4,9 2,8-3,2
PMU 80L Aluminum 0,13 60 4,9 3,8-3,9
PMU 120 Aluminum 0,25 140 7,6 4,9-5,1
PMU 250L Aluminum 0,37 315 10,2 7,0-12,5
PMU 300L Aluminum 0,55 350 14 7,5-13,0
PMU 350L Aluminum 0,73 350 17 8,0-14,0
PMU 400 Aluminum 1,10 400 21 8,5-14,8

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