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Fume extractors


  • The ET 22 has recently been added to the Heating Components range that AACO MAUFACTURING has distributed throughout the world for many years. The ET 22 confirms the level of reliability available from AACO MANUFACTURING.

  • The ET 22 is suitable for airtight heating systems and is in accordance with the precautionary directions:
    Directive 89/392 CEE
    Directive 89/336 CEE
    Directive 73/23 CEE
    European Norm EN 60335-1


  • V2-170 is an axial ventilator, three-phase or single-phase with capacitor, suitable for auxiliary cooling of electric motors and for general ventilation.
    Protection IP55. External diameter 170 mm.

Fume extractors
ET 22
Input Power 35 W
Voltage 230 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Input Current 0,28/0,31A
Speed 2400/2700 turns/min
Insulation Class H
Cos Ø 0,55
Min.Start Voltage 60 V
Noise on air 20 dB
Noise on boiler 14 dB
Fan Height 42 mm
Fan diameter 97 mm
Exit Ø 56 mm
Weight 1,2 Kg

ET 22

  • fan and volute are made of a special aluminium alloy with a very low distortion factor at 250° C. The design of volute and fan ensures a noise level below 20 dB

  • The cooling fan ensures reliable operation of the class "H" insulated motor

  • The motor is secured to the volute through silicone rubber joints, to eliminate the transmission of vibrations

  • Shielded-pole motor, insulation class "H", with shielded ball bearings and high corrosion resistance steel shaft. The motor does not need any specific maintenance

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