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Burner motors


Sturdy, Reliable and All-Purpose

  • AACO MANUFACTURING means "total quality":
    - technologically valid products
    - solid collaboration and service relations
    - warranty of high quality standards

  • AACO MANUFACTURING designs and manufactures, using full-cycle technologies, a wide range of burner motors suitable to satisfy a variety of technical and functional needs.

  • Main technical characteristics:
    - series 60 single-phase, from 50 to 250 Watt
    - series 135 single-phase and three-phase, from 250 to 1.400 Watt

  • The exclusive structural concept behind AACO MANUFACTURING burners means that they are "all-purpose" and interchangeable with any other type or model currently available on the market.

  • The whole range of AACO MANUFACTURING burner motors is made in compliance with the European IEC 85 and VDE 0530/84


  • universal Series 53, 2 poles single-phase and three-phase, 30 Watt

  • for Transfer Units:
    - series 60 single-phase, 150 Watt
    - series 63 single-phase and three-phase, 180 to 250 Watt
    - series MEC 71 single-phase and three-phase, 240 to 1100 Watt

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